Rosa Rodriguez combined her fashion studies at EATM & University of Southampton with self-taught research on visual arts, where she began to develop her interventions in natural environments using textiles, as a means. With time, her textiles appear transformed, as skin or crust, result of their interaction with the inhabited environment.

The development of this line, brought her to Peru where she worked at the Museum Sitio Huaca Pucllana, in the department of Textile Conservation and Restoration, in parallel with archaeological projects such as mummy unwrapping. With this work, she got expertise about the funerary rituals of Amerindian cultures of Peru. Following this experience, she moved to Mexico where she stayed for several years, closely linked to the traditions of the Original Peoples Americans.

Back in Barcelona joined the Escola Massana, post-graduating in Textile Art, where she was awarded with the Applied Arts Prize.In parallel, she started to work in the research and development into interactive textiles, at Functional Textile Deparment of Technology Center of Catalonia. With a multidisciplinary approach, she has worked on national and international research projects, forming part of the team of inventors in the patents of two textile products, one of them with two Spanish utility models.

Nowadays, combines her artistic work with h the research of novel technologies and their integration into textiles.



Rosa Rodríguez Gutiérrez